Welcome to Frome Healing Practice

Under the name of the Frome Healing Practice I have worked as a spiritual healer and counsellor for more than thirty years.  During that time, I have seen a wide range of people, mainly adults but also children and teenagers, couples and, on occasion, whole families.  In 2010 I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.  I lead funerals, weddings and baby blessings as a celebrant and I hold a regular Universal Worship evening once a month in Frome.  In 2013 I formed Greenwood Funerals with two colleagues.  As funeral directors, we arrange funerals in Somerset, Wiltshire and Bath and North East Somerset (BANES).

The basis of my own spirituality is a form of meditation called kriya yoga which I practise every day.  Kriya yoga comes out of India.  I am particularly drawn to Self-Realization, Buddhism and Taoism.  But I respect any spiritual tradition which has integrity and I have learned something from all of them.  My own approach is down to earth and inclusive.  I am less interested in the specifics of what people believe (for example, one god, no god, many gods) than in how they live their lives and the qualities they embody as human beings.

Frome Healing Practice

I believe very strongly that what matters most on a spiritual path is to combine honesty and kindness in our understanding of ourselves and others.  Both qualities are equally important and one without the other simply does not work!

As a spiritual counsellor and healer, I start from the position that each one of us is, without exception, innocent or whole. At the core of our being resides the Self. Acknowledging this powerful truth brings depth and a new dimension to the power of words (and silence) to resolve difficulties, uplift, transform and heal. I believe in the power of love to enable and facililate positive change.

Spiritual healing and counselling offer people a sacred place in which to reflect on their lives and any problems they are facing. Talking from the heart and listening without judgment are powerful therapeutic tools for resolving difficulties and challenges.  My own experience over the years is that the healing adds another dimension to the counselling and it will support in a very creative way the understanding and insights gained through talking.  Healing has its own logic and intelligence and it will mediate between the inner and outer changes taking place in our lives as we find ourselves more fully.

I am a Registered Member of the Interfaith Ministers Association (RIMA) and carry Professional Indemnity insurance and Public Liability insurance.  I offer Spiritual Healing and Counselling on an hourly appointment basis: £50 for adults, £25 for teenagers, children and animals and £60 for couples.  I operate a sliding scale for anyone who cannot afford the full rate.  I would much rather someone came and paid me a little than not come because they felt they could not manage the full fee.  It matters to me that no one feels they cannot access the support I may be able to give them.

Areas Covered
I live in Frome, near the Somerset and Wiltshire border, within easy reach of the following areas: Bath, Bruton, Castle Cary, Frome, Gillingham, Mere, Midsomer Norton, Paulton, Peasedown St John, Radstock, Shepton Mallet, Trowbridge, Warminster, Westbury and Wincanton.